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SarJan's Champion Dog Quick Find
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CH Falling Star Fyr DeOhGe SrJn
CH Falling Star's Power Blaze SrJn
CH Ista's Wicked Fame 'N Fortune
CH Jai-Dei's Sugar Cookie SrJn
CH SarJan's What A Girl Wants
CH SarJan's Step Aside
CH SarJan's Just Fortune
CH Ista's Basic Black
CH SarJan's Mad Season
CH SarJan's Just Want U To Know
CH SarJan's Point Break
CH Ju-Mar's Petals In The Wind SrJn
CH SarJan's U Were Meant For Me
CH SarJan's Johnny Bravo Ashanda
CH SarJan's Dream On
CH SarJan's Just Jack
CH SarJan's More Than U Think U R
CH SarJan's Not Just Any Girl
CH SarJan's MoJo Rider
CH SarJan's Neoploitan Jai-Dei
CH SarJan's U Go Kristiq
CH Lon-Du Just In Time (Peke)
CH SarJan's What's Your Point
CH SarJan's Heart's D'Sire Ashanda
CH SarJan's Just A Fad
CH SarJan's Enough To Keep You
CH SarJan's Step Ahead
CH SarJan's If You're Gone
Champion Shih Tzu shown/finished by Sarah 
CH Mei San Black Magic Moment
CH Mei-San Queen Of The Night
CH Sukara's Electra Flying Grem
We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.  We share many photos of our dogs for your veiwing pleasure and links to some of our favorite sites.  We hope you are  entertained and enlightened during your visit.  
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CH SarJan's Girl Like That
CH SarJan's Underneath It All
CH SarJan's How Do U Like Me Now
CH SarJan's Reloaded
CH SarJan's What's In A Name
CH SarJan's Dragon Slayer
CH SarJan's Little Whiskey Girl
CH SarJan's "Louie" Armstrong
CH San-Bar's Captain D's Special
EZ Adapter Waterer
CH Ista's No Limit (Poodle)
CH SarJan's U Must B Joking
CH SarJan's And Your Point Is
CH San-Bar's Red Coral
CH SarJan's What U Need To Know
CH SarJan's This Is How  A Heart Breaks
CH Jo's Playin' The Part
CH SarJan's Take It Or Leave It
CH SarJan's More Than U R
Your Pet Photos
CH SarJan's What I Am
CH SarJan's Whatever
CH Wafer's Hana GiGi
SarJan's Angels
CH San-Bar's Billy Bob
CH Seafal's Aurora Borealis
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CH Fantasy's Fire Dragon 
CH Praetorian's Front Row Joe
CH Winin's Some Like It Hot
CH Glenwood's Oriental Mistress
CH SarJan's Now Comes The Night
CH Glenwood's Connect The Universe
CH SarJan's Anything Can Happen
CH SarJan's Needless To Say
GCH SarJan's Who's UR Daddy
CH SarJan's Pretty In Pink
GCH SarJan's Don't Even Know My Last Name
GCH SarJan's Who RU When I'm Not Lookin'
CH SarJan's Special Agent
CH Promiseland's Zabimaru
CH SarJan's As If
GCH SarJan's Covert Affair
CH SarJan's Someone Like U
CH SarJan's It Will Reign At Prairie Sunset
GCH SarJan's I Don't Care
GCH SarJan's Fantastic Baby at Ryan's
CH SarJan's Sass In A Glass
GCH SarJan's So There
GCH SarJan's It Doesn't Matter
CH SarJan's U Don't No Me
CH SarJan's She Did It For Fun
.Border Collies:
CH Bosier's Millennium Star     CH Quantum Leap's Megabucks         CH Noteworthy Movin' ToThe Music                                                                         CD, AX, OAJ, CGC                                      OA NAJ RN CGC                                                 
CH SarJan's All Of Me
GCH That Is What You Are
CH SarJan's Going Down For Real
CH SarJan's Do U Like U
GCH Ista's Just The Way You Are
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