CH SarJan's All Of Me
CH SarJan's Someone Like U  x  GCH SarJan's Covert Affair
Legend, SarJan's All of Me had a blast at his first show today.
 WD/BW Sat for his first two points at Cyclone Country KC, Judge Terry Lyddon.
Sun he was WD for a single pt under Judge Nancy Liebes.
 WD/BW Sat. 4pt major under Judge Richard Miller at Scott County KC. He also won the Toy Puppy Group! 
Sun. WD/BW 4pt major under 
Judge C.E. Trotter 
Sun at Winnegamie Dog Club he was WD/BW for a 3 pt major under Judge Desmond Murphy.
Legend finished his Championship Sat at Wheaton KC under Judge Jere Olsen. WD/BW  June 6, 2015