Show Shots
Beautiful dogs don't just happen.  It lot of time, dedication, training and hard work to make the dogs ring ready and the Champions we know they can be. The following pages detail photos of our efforts.
This puppy is fresh from his weekly bath.  Every hair is dried and brushed to straighten the coat.
Drying thoroughly is important as hair left wet can  quickly turn into mats.
Puppies are allowed to wiggle around and watch what we are doing.  They soon learn to relax under the warm dryer.
After the puppy is dry he lays quietly on the grooming table practicing his table manners.  At the dog show he will be expected to lay quietly after he is groomed often times with dogs on either side of him.
After table practice and a rest from grooming, the puppy next learns how to stack for the show ring and judging.
Stacking is practiced whenever the dog is groomed and we are always working to improve their ring skills.
Once the puppy can stand still on the table in his stack he is introduced to the Happy Legs.  This training device teaches them to balance and hold their stack in the correcct position.
No matter how old the dog gets they sometimes need a refresher to brush up on their stack.  This also trains them to stand squarely with equal weight on their legs.
Ready to leave for the show.
Brushed and ready to be ironed.
Waiting for a topknot to be done.
Topknot in, then face wash and wraps.
Ready to go to the ring.
Result of the efforts - a win!  This is CH SarJan's Johnny Bravo earning hiis first point as a puppy!
After all the training and practice at home, it's off to the show!