Her scond time in the ring Annie Walker was 1/R BBE/BBE G1/BBE BIS Sunday at Waterloo KC dog show.  Saturday at Heart of IA under Judge Norm Kenney she was WB/BW/BOS for her first pt. Sunday she was WB/BOS for her second pt under Judge Paula Hartinger.  Sunday at Scott County she was WB/BW for 2 pts under judge Robert Hutton. Annie Walker was WB for a 5pt major at the Shih Tzu Club of Wisconsin's Fox Valley Specialty judged by Mary Ellen Meyer. Saturday at Ft. Dodge KC Annie was WB/BW/BOS for a 3 pt major under Judge James Fredriksen.  Sunday she was WB for 2 pts under Alan Brown.  Saturday at Hawkeye KC she was WB/BOS for her finishing pt awarded by Judge Dawn Vick Hansen.  All from the BBE class.  Finished 2012.
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Annnie Walker finished from the BBE class as an 8 month old puppy.  She completed her Grand Championship on her 10 month birthday.
Grand Championship Wins
                    Shown by Jessica Ryan
Blackhawk KC
   Judge P.Smith                   Fri        BOS         3pts

Kishwaukee KC                
   Judge R. Smith                 Sat        BOS         2pts 
   Judge G. Geringer           Sun      Select      2pts

                        Shown by Sarah                    
   Judge P. Haas                   Fri         BOS         5pts

Waukesha KC
   Judge C. Winslow            Sat        Select     3pts
   Judge  F. Summerside    Sun        BOS        5pts
                         Shown by Jess Ryan
   Judge R. Garren              Sat         BOS        1pt (CH)

Burlington KC
    Judge G. Kerr                 Sun        BOS        1pt (CH)

Muncie KC                  
    Judge A. Savory-Bolus   Sat         BOB        5pts(CH) GCH

Elgin KC
    Judge Mildred K. Bryant   Sat      BOB        2pts

CH Girls
Champion Kid