CH SarJan's As If
CH Praetorian Front Row Joe  x  CH SarJan's Whatever
Corbin was WD under Judge Norm Kenney for his first 3pt major Sat at Sioux Empire KC.  Sunday he was WD/BW for 2 pts under Judge Monica Canestrini.  Friday at North Star Toy Dog Club he was WD/BW for his second 3 pt major under Judge James Reynolds.  Saturday at Land O' Lakes KC he was awarded WD for a 3rd 3pt major by Judge Doris Cozart.  Corbin was WD/BW for a 4th 3 pt major Saturday at Columbia (MO) KC under Judge James Briley and he finished Sunday at the Columbia show going WD for his last single awarded by Judge Lorraine Boutwell.  CH Corbin is owned by Pam Cobo.  Finished 2012.
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