CH SarJan's Someone Like U
CH Ista's Come On Over  X  CH SarJans's Whatever
  Elliott was WD/BW for 2 pts at his first show Saturday at Waterloo KC under Judge Kent Delaney.  Sunday at Heart of IA KC he was WD/BW for a single awarded by Judge Paula Hartinger.  Satuday at Scott County KC he was WD/BW for a 3 pt major under Judge Betty Leininger.  Elliott was WD/BW at Chicagoland Shih Tzu Club under Judge Elaine Lessig for a 4pt major.  Friday at the Jefferson City MO KC he was WD/BW for a 4 pt major awarded by Judge James Fredriksen.  Elliott finished his Championship with a 5 pt major going WD/BW/Best BBE at the STCSEW under Judge Peggy Haas. All from the BBE class and before his 10 month birthday.
Grand Championship Wins
Cedar Rapids KC
  Judge Judy Webb       Mon          Sel     1pt (CH)

Stone City KC                
Judge Marcia Feld       Sat            Sel     2pts
Judge Nancy Leibes    Sun           BOB   5pts (CH)

Nebraska KC                  
  Judge Jere Olsen                         Sel      1pt  (CH)
Ch Boys