CH SarJan's Needless To Say
CH Wenrick's Master of T'Universe x CH SarJan's Reloaded
Skyler was WD/BW for a 3 pt major under Judge Janice Cleery McGee at the Imperial Valley KC.  Shown by owners Carol and Gale Page. (pictured)  He was Best In Show Puppy at the IABCA on 3/14 under Judges Susan Godek, (left) and Gloria Kerr (right).   Skyler was WD/OS at Canada del Oro on Sat. for 1 pt under Judge Vicky Abbott.  Sunday he was WD/BW/BB for 1 pt awarded by Judge Ray Bay.  On Tuesday at Coronado KC of New Mexico he was WD/BW/BB for 2 pts under Judge Robert Smith.  Saturday at the Durango KC he was WD for 2 pts under Judge Arley Hussin.   At the Flagstaff AZ shows he was WD/BW/BB for a pt each day, Judge Raymond Bay on Saturday and Judge Robert Widden on Sunday.  Skyler finished his Championship Saturday at Mason City KC going WD for a 4 pt major under Judge Beverly Capstick.  Finished 2010.
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