AM CAN CH Hallmark Jolie Jack's Are Better
BISS BIS AM CAN Mex Int It Lux CH Wenrick's Hollywood Hit ROM
CAN CH Wenrick's Sweet N Sassy ROM
CAN CH Magicfire's Beyond The Myth
Theater's Play Shakespeare
Sculpture Jade A Precious Stone
CAN CH Mariko's Apple Blossom
AM Int CH Wenrick's Master of T'Universe
CH SarJan's Anything Can Happen
Wenrick's Woman In Black N White
CAN CH Wenrick's Top Man N'Rustinwood ROM
AM CAN CH Ultra's Conflict of Interest ROM
CAN CH Wenrick's Flattered By Pftag
Wenrick's Rainbow O'Superlion
Superlion Lotus At Wenrick
Superlion Luv Li TO Luk At
CH Ista's Basic Black
CH SarJan's Point Break
CH SarJan's What A Girl Wants
CH SarJan's Neopolitan Jai-Dei
CH Ista's Wicked Fame 'N Fortune
Jai-Dei's Pixie Dust SrJn
Jai-Dei's LaFemme Pokita
CH SarJan's Reloaded
BIS BISS CH Ista's Wicked Reputation  ROM
CH Ista's Wicked Fame 'N Fortune
CH Ista's Wickedly Mei San  ROM
CH SarJan's Just Want U To Know
CH Ista's Would I Lie To You
SarJan's Just A Girl
CH Falling Star's Power Blaze SarJan
CH SarJan's Needless to Say