CH SarJan's Anything Can Happen
CH Wenrick's Master of T'Universe x CH SarJan's Reloaded
Cooper won his first 2 pts under judge Barbara Alderman Sunday at Cornhusker KC.  He was awarded WD/BOS for his first 3 pt major by Doris Cozart on Saturday at the Edwardsville KC.  He was WD/BW/BB for a pt at Hawkeye KC on Sat. under judge Marjorie Underwood.  Saturday at Burlington KC he was WD/BW for a 3 pt major under Judge Alane Gomez.  Sunday he was WD/BW for 2 pts under Judge Desmond Murphy.  Cooper finished with a 4 pt major Friday at Topeka under Judge Muriel Purkhiser shown by Greg Larson with an assist from Barb Brem.  Finished 2010.
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