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Cole was WD/BOS at the Heart of the Plains KC Sunday for his first 2 pts under judge Michele Billings.  Gloria Geringer awarded him WD/BW/BB for a single pt at Cornhusker KC Saturday.  Janice Earl gave Cole WD/BW for a 3 pt major Saturday at Mason City KC.   Satuday at Dubuque KC he was WD/BW for 2 pts under judge Michael Dachel. Sunday judge Carolyn Herbal gave him WD/BW for a 4 pt major.  Sunday at the Waterloo KC show under judge Dawn Vick Hansen he won WD/BW for 2 pts.  He was also Best BBE and BBE Toy Group 1.  Cole finished his Championship in style by going WD/BW under judge Toddie Clark for a 4 pt major.  Finished 2010.