GCH SarJan's Don't Even Know My Last Name
CH SarJan's Neopolian Jai-Dei x CH SarJan's And Your Point Is
   Suki, was WB/BOS Friday at SEIKC under Judge Judy Webb for 2 pts.  Sunday at Sioux Empire KC she was WB/BOS under judge Doris Cozart for a pt.  Sunday at Waterloo KC show she was WB/BOS/BBBE for another single under Judge Dr John Shelton.  Suki was WB/BOS Saturday at Heart of IA KC under Judge Frank Summerside for a pt.  Sunday she was WB/BW/BB and Group 2 under Judge Glenda Dawkins for 2 more pts.  Suki was reserve WB and Best Bred-By at the TCAST Speciality in MN under Judge Anne Bolus.  Saturday at Hawkeye KC she was WB/BOS for a single pt under Judge Janis Mercer.  At the Shih Tzu Club of Southeastern Wisconsin Speciality Suki was WB for a 5 pt major.  She finished her Championship Friday at the SEIKC show with a 3 pt major under Judge Richard Miller one year to the day that she got her first points!  Finished 2011.
CH Girls
Grand Championship Points
Rochester MN KC  Sat  BOB/G1   (1CH)    4pts
Judge S.Goose-Allen/S Goose-Allen

Rochester MN KC Sun  BOB/G4   (1CH)    4pts
Judge K.Berg/K.Berg

Rockford-Freeport KC   BOS                     5pts
Judge Ann D. Hearn

Rockford-Freeport KC  BOS                      4pts
Jugde Ralph Lemke

Mason City KC  Sat  BOS                            2pts
Judge Fred Basset

Mason City KC  Sun  BOS  (1CH)               4pts
Judge Paula Hartinger

Sioux Empire KC  Fri  BOS                        3pts GCH
 Judge Joe Gregory

Sioux Empire KC  Sat  BOB  (2CH)            5pts
Judge Norm Kenney

Sioux Empire KC Sunday  BOB  (1CH)      5pts
Judge Monica Canestrini