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CH SarJan's Little Whiskey Girl
 Sweet was WB/BW at Columbia for her first 3 pt major.  Sweet won a 4 point major the following Sunday at Dubuque KC on 3-36-06.  She was WB/BOS at the Waterloo Kennel Club shows April 22 + 23, 2006 for a point each day.  She was also Best Bred-by Exhibitor, won the BBE Toy Group and went on to be awarded Bred-by Exhibitor BEST IN SHOW!  Sweet was WB/BW/BOB Sunday at Heart of IA KC for 2 points. She finished her day with a Group 3!  She picked up a single Saturday at Scott County and a single at Eau Claire. Sweet finished her Championship by going WB/BW for a 5 point major Sunday at the Greater Milwaukee Specialty Club weekend. She is our fifth girl to finish from the Bred-by Exhibitor class. Finished 2006.
Champion Girls
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