GCH Toby's liver and white brother Seeley, SarJan's Special Agent, was WD/BW for a 3 pt major Sat. at Cambridge MN shows under judge Raymond Bay, shown and loved by Chelcee Meyer. Seeley was WD/BW for a 4 pt major under judge Sandra Goose Allen Sunday at Des Moines.  Seeley had won three singles prior to his major wins.  He was BOB at Duluth for a pt under judge Don Rogers.  Sat. at the Bismarck KC he was WD/BW/BOB under Judge Monica Canestrini for another pt.  Seeley was WD both days at St. Croix KC. Sat. for 2 pts under Judge Dr. John V. Ioia and Sunday for his finishing pt.  Awarded by Judge Sandra M. Lex.  Finished 2011.
CH SarJan's Special Agent
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