Ji Yong finished his Championship in one month of shows under the skilled direction of Jess Ryan and Junior handler Corinne Kolzow.  His first show at Clinton Iowa Kennel Club Judge Dennis McCoy awarded BOW for Ji's first point.  Judge Randy E Garren gave Ji his second point/BOW the next day.   At the Kennel Club of Yorkville, Judge David Krough gave Ji his first major/BOW.  Steel City Kennel Club show Judge  Barbara Dempsey Alderman gave Ji his second major/BOW.  Judge Susan St. John Brown for Ji's BOW/one point. At Fond Du Lac Kennel Club Judge Robert D Ennis gave him BOW/one pt.  June A Penta gave Ji BOW/two points. Sandemac Kennel Club Judge Delores Burkholder for Ji's BOW/one point. Finishing up Ji's Championship at 11 months old  Judge Carl C Yochum with BOW/one point.  Finished April 2013.

GCH SarJan's Fantastic Baby At Ryan's
CH Promiseland Zabimaru x CH SarJan's Whatever
CH Boys
Twin Cities Area Shih Tzu Club Mrs. Paula Hartinger          BOS 5
Wheaton Kennel Club            Mr. Norman L Patton          Sel  4
Greater DeKalb Kennel Club    Erika K Moureau                BOB 5
Greater DeKalb Kennel Club    Mr. Kent H Delaney            BOB 5
Paper Cities Kennel Club, Inc. Mrs. Keke Kahn                 BOS 3
Paper Cities Kennel Club, Inc. Mr. Michael J Dachel           BOS 3
Waukesha Kennel Club, Inc.   Ms. Terri Lyddon                Sel  2
Waukesha Kennel Club, Inc.   George Milutinovich              Sel  2
                                Total Grand Champion Points: 29