CH SarJan's Just A Fad

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CH Akitzu Winter's Caprice

CH Sarjan's What A Girl Wants
CH Ista's I'll Be Good To You

CH Akitzu Mis-Fire
CH Anjuli's Dandy Tigger
CH Ista's How Will I Know
Rockee Vollee Ailee Ali
CH Louwan's Rebel Rouser
Anjuli's Blue Trinket

Anjuli's Dan Dee Lyon
CH Rockee Vollee Tawny Tansy
Pen Sans Yankee Rooster
Louwans Pearl Necklace
CH Yingsu's Johnie Reb

Rockee-Vollee Effie Rishaun
CH Din Ho Willy Wagger
CH Falling Star's Power Blaze Sarjan

CH Ista's Wicked Fantasy
CH Rojacky's Red Robin Fantasy
Taishan Tickle Your Fantasy
Blue Hill Amazin' Blaze O' Mijoy
Munchkintown's Power Play
Munchkintown's Will Power
CH Munchkintown Blazin' Saddles
Louwan Fire Glo Of Blue Hill
CH Wenrick's Chassen Rainbows
CH Tai Shan Anniebody's Guess
Terribrooke's Cinnamin Girl
CH Rojacky's Rockin' Robin
Munchkintown About Last Nite