CH Promiseland's Zabimaru
CH Shente's Rhythm Of My Heart
CH Promiseland's Camelot
CH Shente's Sentimental Journey
Shente's Some Like It Hot
CH Ultra's Guilt Trip Of Shente
Shente's Consider The Source
Lashalimar Too Hot For U
Shentes Attitude Is Everything
CH Sarjan's Neopolitan Jai-Dei
CH Falling Star's Queen Esther, The Courageous
CH Sarjan's Point Break
Jai-Dei's Pixie Dust SRJN
CH Falling Star's "One Night With The King"
Falling Star's Wicket
CH Ultra's Guilty As Sin
CH Karyon Ultra I'm Only Teasin
CH Centerfold's Dreams Of Zorro
Jakams Star Struk Of Shente
Lashalimar Hot Damme Here I Am
Ambiance Hot Leggs
CH Symarun's Outta My Way
Shente's Centerfold Pin Up Girl
CH Ista's Basic Black
CH Sarjan's What A Girl Wants
CH Ista's Wicked Fame 'N Fortune
Jai Dei's Lafemme Pokita
CH Falling Star Jesus Christ Superstar
Falling Star's Romeo-N-Juliette
CH Falling Star's The Wallstreet Journal
Falling Star's Razzle Dazzle