CH SarJan's Point Break  (Brody)  2002  2003  BBE/Breed
CH SarJan's More Than U Think UR  (Hermione)  2003  BBE
CH SarJan's If You're Gone   (Illyria)   2005   2006  BBE
CH SarJans U Were Meant For Me  (Jule)  2003  2004  BBE
CH SarJan's And Your Point Is  (LaLa)   2007  2008  BBE
CH SarJan's Whatever  (LiLi)   2008 (Double Qualifer)  2009  2010 BBE/Breed
CH SarJan's This Is How A Heart Breaks  (Luke)  2007  2008  BBE
CH SarJan's Just A Fad  (Mandy)  2006  2007  BBE
CH SarJan's More Than U R  (Noah)  2008  Breed
CH SarJan's Mad Season  (Rob Thomas)  2002  BBE
CH SarJan's Reloaded  (Trinity)  2006  2007   BBE
CH SarJan's What I Am   (Wyatt)  2008  2009  2010 BBE
  A dog must finish in the TOP 20 of its breed, finish from the Bred-by Exhibitor class or complete their Grandchampionships to be invited to compete at this show.  Dogs that finish from the BBE class are invited to compete for 2 years.
CH SarJan's Now Comes The Night  (Cole)  2011  2012  BBE
GCH SarJan's Don't Even Know My Last Name  (Suki)  2011 2012  BBE
GCH SarJan's Who's UR Daddy  (Toby)  2011  Grand Champion
GCH SarJan's Who RU When I'm Not Lookin'  (Damon)  2011  2012 Puppy/ BBE
CH SarJan's As If   (Corbin)  2012  2013  BBE
GCH SarJan's Covert Affair  (Annie Walker)  2012 2013 BBE
CH SarJan's Someone Like U  (Elliott)  2012 2013 BBE
CH SarJan's I Don't Care (Minzy) 2012 2013 BBE
CH SarJan's It will Reign At Prairie Sunset (Gabriel) 2012 2013 Puppy/BBE
Rank Dog Name

No. 1 GCH CH Sarjan's Who RU When I'm Not Lookin

No. 2 GCH CH Sarjan's Don'T Even Know My Last Name

No. 3 GCH CH Sarjan's Fantastic Baby At Ryans

        GCH CH Sarjan's Covert Affair

No. 5 GCH CH Sarjan's I Don'T Care

No. 6 GCH CH Sarjan's Who's Ur Daddy

No. 7 CH Sarjan's Someone Like U

No. 8 CH Sarjan's Sass In A Glass

Breeder of top ranked AKC Shih Tzu in the state