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CH SarJan's And Your Point Is
CH SarJan's MoJo Rider 
CH Falling Star  Fyr DeOhGe SrJn
CH Munchkintown O'Falling Star  ROM
CH Munchkintown Jacuzzi
CH Mystic's Let's Pla' Munchkintown
Mystic Symarun Firecracker  ROM
CH Mystic's Keeper Of The Fire
Tu Chu Munchkintown Limitless  ROM
BIS BISS CH Ista's Wicked Reputation  ROM
CH Ista'a Wicked Fame 'N Fortune
CH Ista's Wickedly Mei San  ROM
CH SarJan's Just Want U To Know 
SarJan's Just A Girl
CH Ista's Would I Lie To You
CH Falling Star's Power Blaze SarJan
CH Mei San Yoshi
CH Ista's Basic Black
CH Ista's Just A Little Crush
CH SarJan's Point Break
CH SarJan's What A Girl Wants
BIS BISS CH Ista's Wicked Fantasy  ROM
CH Falling Star's Power Blaze SarJan
CH SarJan's What's Your Point
CH Ming Dynasty's Devils Play  ROM
Mishar N Win-Dee's Drummer Boy
Bar-Lar Summer Storm
Win-Dee-N-Ju-Mar Tiger Lily
CH Mishar N Melwynds Crackerjacks
Mishar's Brandy N Wine
Ming Dynasty Mishar's Wildfire
CH SarJan's "Louie" Armstrong
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