GCH SarJan's Who RU When I'm Not Lookin'
Am. Ch. Praetorian's Front Row Joe
CH Ultra's Playing It By Heart
Ch Ultra's Could Be an Illusion
CH Bar-Lar's Maybe It Could Be
CH Bar-Lar's Western Cowboy
CH Bar-Lar's Maybe-Maybenot
CH Ultra's Playin' The Field
CH Ultra's Gift From The Heart
Pensans Amulet
CH Shotune Praetorian Clyde T Glde
Praetorian's Sparkling Diamond
CH Beswick's Once Upon A Time
Shotunes Most Beautiful Dancer
CH Wingates Lil' Deliquent
CH Pen Sans Samantha
Jai-Dei's Pixie Dust SrJn
Am. Ch. SarJan's Neopolitan Jai-Dei
CH SarJan's Point Break
CH SarJan's Mad Season
CH SarJan's More Than U Think U R
SarJan's Just A Girl
Jai-Dei's LaFemme Pokita
CH Ista's Wicked Fame 'N Fortune
BIS BISS CH Fantasy's Supernatural
CH SarJan's What A Girl Wants
CH Ista's Would I Lie To You
CH Falling Star's Power Blaze SarJan
SarJan's Much More Than U R
CH SarJan's What A Girl Wants
CH Ista's Basic Black